Managing a creative team of engineers, composers and musicians.

Songwriting/composition requests

At Sign Sound, we pride ourselves in providing the highest level of support to realize each production's ideals. Our services include film scoring, composition, recording, mixing, studio bookings, budget estimations and more.

Please feel free to contact us for further enquiries.

We will provide the best environment as per each project's plan.

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How it works


  Please feel free to contact us with any inquiriesand our friendly staff will help answer any questions.


  Please provide us with the project briefand/or idea and we will be able to provide a budget estimation and further details.


  Upon deciding on the project details and requirements, we will provide a budget brief and workflow chart.

④Project confirmation

  When an agreement has been reached, we will execute the project as requested.

⑤Demo checks and tweaking

  Once the demo is ready, we will provide it for checking and make changes as desired.


  We will record the required parts and provide and coordinate the musicians and studios as needed.


  We will create a final mix track or as format as desired.

⑧Mastering ~ Final product

  We provide mastering to fit the final product image and/or the request of other mastering engineers if desired.

※ The budget estimation may change depending on the requests and requirements. Please feel free to inquire and consult us as required!!


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