Managing a creative team of engineers, composers and musicians.


We are constantly looking for recording engineers and composers who strive to create the best audio content possible regardless of experience. We are also looking for vocalists for the presentation of our products.



  Regardless of age, gender and experience, applicants must currently not be in         any form of binding contract with other production companies and/or record           labels.

How to apply  

  Please upload your portfolio in .zip format to any file sharing platforms (Ex:             GigaFile) and attach the link to your email before sending it to :

  ※ Please refrain from attaching your portfolio directly to your email.
   ☆ Please provide us with a resume with your employment history,  a cover                  letter, self introduction and tell us why you would fit the job in PDF or any                other format.
    For those who wish to apply as an engineer, please provide a portfolio of                  your past works in MP3 format with the following details in any                                text/image file format:
     Your involvement(recording/mix/mastering), artiste and any other                          relavent information.
    For those who wish to apply as composers, please provide your portfolio                  in the MP3 format with the following details attached on any text/image                  file format:
     Involvement, composer, lyricist, arranger and any relavent details.
    For vocalists, please provide samples of your own vocal recordings in MP3                format with the song's details on any text/image format:
     Composer, lyricist, arranger and any relavent details.


  ※ For those who wish to apply via post, please provide the audio files in the                 form of CDR and post it to the address below.


  Please note that we will not return the documents and files provided. 

      Our deepest apologies as we will only contact you if selected. 

Usage of personal information

  Your personal information will only be used by us for the audition of your                 resume and portfolio. None of the provided information will be provided to any         third party or used in any other form and will be destroyed immediately after its       required purpose has been fulfilled.

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